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Client Reviews

I am a  long time client at hearing and vision centre, I have purchased two pairs of hearing aids. Michelle is very friendly, very polite and very helpful, She provides excellent customer service.


For the past 3 years I’ve been a customer of Hearing and Vision Centre. The service is great and the quality of the hearing equipment I purchase is very good. They make sure every detail is looked after for a comfortable fit. To sum it all up they are Friendly, Professional, Customer service orientated, and life changing. It’s not just a business but a passion to help others.


At my ENT Specialists Office, I have gone to different Audiologists over the years for testing and quite frankly I always went away feeling like I didn’t understand what the Audiologists said to me after my Hearing Test!

When I met Michelle Kim, my experience was quite the opposite!

After she conducted the hearing test, she sat down with me and explained to me, in a non technical way, that help me understand what was happening with my hearing and how I could improve it.

I love her caring & thoughtful service. She is business like & friendly at the same time.

I would indefinitely recommend her to anyone seeking better hearing.

Thank you Michelle, your Hearing Aids have changed the way I now communicate.


Michelle Kim is a unique and exceptional health care provider. She is unique because of her remarkable depth of knowledge in not one but two areas of healthcare, hearing and vision. And what sets Michelle apart further still is her compassion, understanding, patience and empathetic personality. Michelle has a wonderfully easy going and friendly nature, exceptional in someone who is also remarkably thorough and detail oriented. You can count on Michelle absolutely; any commitment she makes, she keeps, and invariably with extraordinary speed and accuracy. Michelle has made a huge difference to my quality of living; I would recommend her without hesitation or qualification. You would be very fortunate to have Michelle working on your behalf, as she could dramatically enhance your enjoyment of life.

Eric J.