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Our Clinic Offers a Wide Selection of Hearing Aids

How to Choose the Best Hearing Aids

The decision to buy a hearing aid to compensate for hearing loss is a smart one. A hearing aid can help in maintaining personal relationships, allowing someone to be alert and aware of danger, and keep up with important information easier. In looking at hearing aids the advice of an Audiologist is important, but ultimately the comfort, and effect of the hearing device are the deciding points for someone who has difficulty hearing. While no aid can completely restore normal hearing, these devices can frequently improve the ability to hear soft noises, and reduce loud background sounds that can affect the ability to hear conversation.

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The Styles of Hearing Aids

Almost all hearing aids have very similar parts, but they can vary in size, shape, features, and price. For some individuals the smallest aid would seem the best option, but these devices also have smaller parts which can be problematic. Larger aids can be uncomfortable for some. Looking into the benefits and possibilities of a variety of device can help in selecting the best fit at the best price.

The Completely-In-the-Ear or mini CIC

The smaller devices are often ones that fit inside the ear. This has a benefit in being barely visible, and not picking up interference such as wind. These do not often have extra features many users find necessary such as volume control. The batteries are by necessity very small, and can be difficult for older people to replace. These can also become clogged with earwax.


The next smallest size is the ITC. These are usually custom molded to fit partially in the ear canal. This style can improve mild to moderate hearing loss in adults. These also less visible, but do usually include features such as volume control. Controls can be difficult for some as these will be very small. Batteries for this size will be small, and as in the case with the CIC’s might have a shorter life than larger batteries. These can be clogged by earwax as well.

In the Ear

Clear440, Clear330, Clear220The ITE can be made in two styles. One style is bowl shaped and fits along the outer ear. This is called a full shelf. The other style fits in the lower portion of the outer ear and is called a half shell. Both of these styles offer help for those who have moderate to severe hearing loss. These have larger batteries with a longer life. They are not as easily clogged by earwax. This type is more visible then the CICs or ITCs.

Behind the Ear

The BTE aid will hook over the top of the outside portion of the ear. The bulk of the device is behind the ear with the tube connecting the hearing aid to the earpiece. This earpiece or mold fits inside the ear can and can help with mild to severe types of hearing loss. This device might pick up outside noises such as wind, but usually has easy to control features such as direction and volume.