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Michelle Kim opened Hearing and Vision Centre inside Kim’s Optical in 2009 when she saw that many patients who came into the office would also benefit from the expertise of a hearing loss specialist.

For patients, this offers the convenience of being able to access multiple services under one roof – and for some it means that they are able to get service that they might not have got otherwise.

While many of our patients are seniors, anyone who feels that they may be experiencing hearing loss or low vision can benefit from our services. In fact, we even treat children as young as three years old.

What We Offer


Hearing and Vision Clinic offers hearing tests and in depth analysis to determine whether a person can benefit from the use of hearing aids and if so, which type of hearing aids will work best for the patient.

When a patient purchases a hearing aid from our clinic, we ensure that it is not only properly fitted, but that it is programed specifically for the patient in order to optimize their experience with the device. We also offer guidance of how to use the device as well as regular follow ups.


For people with low vision due to macular degeneration or other serious issues, we offer a variety of Low Vision Aids that go beyond typical prescription glasses. These include low vision glasses, low vision magnifiers and other sight aids.

Meet Michelle Kim, Audiologist, Our hearing loss specialists

Michelle Lee - hearing and Vision Specialists

Michelle has been caring for patients with hearing loss for over 15 years. She obtained her Hearing Instrument Dispenser Certificate in 1999 at the George Brown College in Toronto before going on the get her Hearing Instrument Specialist Certificate, her Bachelor of Science in Speech Language Pathology & Audiology, Gerontology, Master of Clinical Science and Doctor of Audiology. She is licensed by the College of Audiologist and Speech-Language Pathologist of Ontario. Michelle is also a Registered Optician.

Michelle is registered with the Ontario Ministry of Health, Assistive Devices Program as a Hearing Aid Authorizer and Dispenser for all ages as well as a Low Vision Aid Vendor.

Michelle has worked as a health care provider for those with hearing loss and low vision in doctors’ offices and clinics in London, Ontario, and Toronto as well as in the Washington DC area.

While not everyone can have perfect hearing or vision, Michelle believes that everyone in the community should have the opportunity to improve their quality of life through making their hearing and vision the best it can be.

Her passion is not only in helping people to compensate for damaged vision or hearing but also in educating them as to how they can improve their lives through medical devices and communication strategies. She also advises patients and things they can do to help prevent further vision or hearing loss. It is this passion which caused Michelle to follow her career path, helping thousands of patients through hearing evaluations and assistive hearing and vision devices as well as personalized consultations.

“I want to share as much information as I can so people can learn to maximize their vision and hearing. I want them to see and hear what the world has to offer,” says Michelle.