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Top Reasons to Have a Hearing Test

Many problems that can affect hearing are preventable, and quite a few are treatable. Sadly, hearing loss or the possibility of having hearing problems are often ignored. Even before the signs of hearing loss appear there are many reasons to have a test to pinpoint problems. Hearing loss is very common. Research shows that one in five people over the age of 12 have some type of hearing loss. This can impact on relationships, learning, and reaction to possible risks or dangers. Activities most enjoy, such as sporting events, listening to music, watching television, or simply having a conversation all depend on the ability to hear clearly. Even mild to moderate hearing loss can leave a person feeling isolated. Knowing the extent of hearing loss can help in finding ways to improve hearing such as using a hearing aid.

After an Accident

Certain traumas to the body can affect hearing. Having a hearing test after suffering a fracture to the skull or concussion is usually recommended. Having a ruptured eardrum is another reason to have hearing checked as soon as possible.

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Physical Problems

Those individuals who are being treated for problems such as sleep apnea, diabetes, or who have cancer treatments. Hearing loss can occur from taking common pain medications even aspirin. Getting a test when being treated for other health problems is a good way to catch a hearing problem early.

When Other People Notice a Problem

Frequently the person having a problem won’t notice a loss of hearing especially if it occurs slowly over time. Those around this individual will mention the number of times things must be repeated for this person, or that he or she has missed details from a conversation. Rather than thinking a younger person, or an adult is simply tuning others out a hearing test can determine when hearing loss causes the problem.

Pain or Discomfort

Hearing loss doesn’t always have any warning signs, but painful sensations or ringing in the ears should be checked out. Younger people shouldn’t assume that only older people have health problems with their ears. Infections, or blockages in the ear can diminish hearing and cause lasting hearing problems. Dizziness, headaches, or having a watery feeling in the ear can indicate a blockage, or infection. Even those who take care of their ears can suffer from deep blockages from earwax buildup, especially those who suffer from season allergies.

Routine Screens

Children should have routine tests at ages four, five, six, eight and ten. Other good times to have a test are after graduation from high school and before attending college. After having a baby many women find it beneficial to have a hearing test. At the mid-life point many doctors recommended a hearing test. At the age of fifty it’s good to have a hearing screening, as this is point in life where the beginnings of a problem can easily be detected. After the age of sixty-five having yearly tests is a good idea.