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Our Low Vision Glasses Will help you See Life’s Special Moments

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When a person suffers from macular degeneration or other serious eye damage, their condition can make activities that they used to enjoy difficult if not impossible. Activities such as reading, writing, knitting, painting – even watching tv become frustrating because of the central blind spot which makes everything fuzzy. Fortunately, the enjoyment that these people once had in these activities can often be restored through the use of low vision glasses.

Low vision glasses are not simply a stronger prescription of eye glasses. Rather, they are special lenses designed specifically for those with macular degeneration and other retina damage.

How Low Vision Glasses Differ from Regular Eyeglasses

Most eyeglasses work by altering the way that light focuses on the eye. This is good for helping people who have refractive problems such as near and farsightedness. But when light receptor cells are damaged as they are in the case of macular degeneration, simply re-focusing the light is not enough.

Low vision glasses, use not one lens but two. This allows for greater magnification and smaller blind spots. For the most part, low vision glasses look just like regular eyeglasses. There are a wide variety of frames available ranging from the simple to stylish.

Close Up Low Vision Glasses

Just as an older person may require reading glasses at some point in their lives, those with low vision may benefit from the high magnification of close up low vision glasses to reduce the size of their blind spots. The greater magnification that these glasses provide helps patients to see around blind spots. Often these glasses have special tints in order to reduce glare and improve light transmission and contrast.

These may be beneficial for activities such as reading, writing, knitting, playing cards and any other activity where close up vision in required.

Low Vision Glasses for Distance

For activities that require a person to be able to see distances such as watch tv, theatre or a sports game, there are special telescopes or binoculars which can be fitted onto a person’s regular glasses.

These are considered specialized health aids and may not be available at a regular eye doctor’s office. Instead devices such as these must be obtained from a low vision optometrist who can evaluate the patient to determine what type of device will work best for the patient

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How Low Vision Glasses Can Improve One’s Quality of Life

If you or a loved one has low vision, it can be a frustrating problem. It is hard to enjoy regular day to day activities such as reading, watching tv, doing hobbies or simply appreciated the scenery when blind spots are interfering with your vision.

Low vision glasses or other magnifiers can go a long way toward helping you enjoy those activities once again. Book an appointment today to see whether these special magnifying glasses might be the answer for you or a loved one.